Saturday, March 28, 2009


I went to have a dinner with my friends at "Van's Vietnamese (307 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206)". We arrived there about 6:00pm and there were many customers in the restaurant. We can get our seats but people who came there after us waited for long time. We were so lucky! I ate a "half duck ($18.99)" and my friends ate chicken and beef. The surface of duck was crispy and inside was juicy... Oh, so delicious!! I love this duck!! When I saw my duck, I thought I could not eat all of them, but I could. Also, my friends said each dish was so big but they could eat all of them. I really appreciate the menu of this restaurant.


Albany Jane said...

Van's is probably one of the only places in the area that I will order fish fillets at (most places over cook it).

Crispy skinned duck? Sign me up! It sounds tasty!

Mari said...

Albany Jane, I have never eaten fich fillets at Van's. I will try next time! I stro gly recommend to eat duck!!!