Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve. We, Japanese, have a custom to eat Soba (Japanese noodle, ) in New Years Eve. Eating Soba in the New Years Eve means that we wish to live like Soba (Thin and Long). So, my husband and I ate them as a lunch (usually Japanese eat Soba as dinner in the New Years Eve).

These Soba were carried by husband from Japan and they are instant Soba. Tastes are so-so but they made me to feel the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It made me hot

Because today was little bit cold, my husband and I went to have a lunch at "Arirang(1558 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205)". Here is a Korean restaurant. I ate "Bul go gi $12.99 (Stir fried marinated beef slices)" and my husband ate "Yuk gae jang $12.99 (Spicy beef and leek soup)". The beef of "Bul go gi" was sweet and spicy, and It become me appetizing. The taste of "Yuk gae jang" was very spicy and I could not eat more than several bites. But my husband really liked this taste and he finished eat all of them. It was amazing for me.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phoenicians Restaurant (Lebanese Restaurant)

I found new restaurant at Central Avenue and wet to there with my husband. Here is a Lebanese restaurant "Phoenicians". We ate "Shshi Kebab" and "Mix Shawarma". The beef of Shshi Kebab were so soft and tasty. I love them! But the chicken and beaf of Mix Shawarma were subtle in flavor.
Of course, I ate dessert! I ate "Baklava" and drank "Lebanese Coffee". I ate Baklava several times in Turkish Restaurant and Greek Restaurant. Most of the case, the shape of Baklava was cuboid but the shape of this restaurant's Baklava was cylinder. There were many nuts in the center of cylinder. I like this texture and taste. I had a first time to drink Lebanese coffee and I was surprised. The taste was little different from the coffee I drink everyday. But I am sorry I could not explain how different... So, please drink it when you go to this restaurant.
Inside the restaurant looks very clean and the service was really nice. I think this restaurant will be popular in this area.
Phoenicians Restaurant
1686 Central Avenue,
Albany, NY 12205
TEL (518)464-4444
11:00am-11:00pm Daily

Full Mi Belly (Jamaican Food)

I went to have a lunch with my husband to "Full Mi belly", because Albany Jane recommended her blog ( and I saw the article about this shop in the TimesUnion( This shop is in the Food court in the Crossgates mall. At first, I selected the size (Small or Regular) and selected the food, goat curry. As for the goat curry, the meat was so soft and tasty and the combination of the rice and goat was sooo nice! The vegetables which were boiled with soup were good, also I like the fried bananas. The taste likes sweet potatoes and delicious. I want to try another food of this shop.
Full Mi Belly
In the Crossgates Mall
TEL (845)242-7256
* This shop was closed. (2/2/09)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas !

I love Christmas season. The atmosphere looks really lively and exciting. My friend decorated in our lab and the entrance of my apartment is gorgeous!

Today, I got Christmas cake (!
Then, I finished preparing Christmas. Only thing I have to do is to wait my Santa Clause!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

JLCC Meeting

I went to have a dinner at "Sushi-Tei(" with JLCC( members. There were 6 members(2 Americans and 4 Japanese) today. I ate "Gyu Yaki (Pan fried beef)". Before eating, I expected to like Sukiyaki taste but it was more sweet. Other members ate "Sushi regular", "Tempura Soba (Japanese noodle with Tempura)", "Chicken Katsu (Deep fried chicken)" and "Una-ju (Boiled eel with source based on soy-source)". All of them looked delicious, especially Chicken Katsu looked good! During dinner, we talked about ice storm which we had last week. It was terrible and some of the members had black out almost 6 days. I can not believe! Our winter has just started and we will have more snow in this winter....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lab Party

2 of the member of our lab will finish their course in this semester, so we had a party and celebrated them. The party was held in our adviser's house. Her house is brand new and really clean and beautiful. Also, her son is really cute!
This party is potluck, then we brought foods. I made "Quiche(spinach and bacon)" and "Tonkatsu(Deep fried pork)". I was little afraid because some of my American friends do not try food which they are not familiar. Then, I thought and selected deep fried pork. Many American members ate them and I am so happy. Other members brought dumpling, pan fried beef, chicken wing, salad,.... All of them are delicious and I ate a lot.
In the party, we could got the secret Santa present. I got fragrance set.
I ate good food, had a lively talking and got present. Today was so happy for me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Freezing Rain

Freezing rain is really surprising thing for me because I think this phenomena occurred in only ski fields in Japan. When I saw it for the first time, it was shocked and I had a lot of time to peer the ice covered with my car! Today I had a same thing. My car was packed with ice and I peered it for 30 minutes. Actually, I did not want to go to school such a day but I had a final exam and have to go there. I was tired before my exam but trees and plants were so beautiful...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soup Mania

Before I came to the US, I did not have many chances to eat soup except Miso-soup. After coming the US, I became soup mania! I love soup and always looking for good one. Most of the time, I bought a cup of soup at "Au Bon Pain(" at SUNY's cafeteria. This shop's soup is tasty but little bit thin for me.
Another shop where I buy soup is "The Original Soup Man(" at Colonie center's food court. This shop's soup is thick. My favorite one is Italian sausage because there are many kinds of vegetables in it and it is spicy. I am still looking for good soup !

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love Christmas season very much because of beautiful Christmas decoration. Today, I went to my friend's house and saw a lovely Christmas decoration. Near the window, there is a big Christmas tree, on the piano, there are many small figures and on the wall, there is cute Christmas tapestry. I really love her decoration and these decoration fascinated me a lot.