Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dinner Club in this month

Dinner club in this month is in "Sushi-tei(". I like this restaurant these days. I love deep fried pork and ate "Katsu ju(Deep fried pork with egg over the rice)". Most of the members ate Sushi and we ate dessert, too. There were 3 kinds of dessert; Ice creame, Ice cream Tempra and Sherbet. I ate Red bean Ice cream and it was so nice. I love it! I tried Ice cream Tempra which my friend was eating. taste is not good and not bad, but batter of the Tempra is little bit thick and it was difficult to eat. As for the dessert, I recommend to eat Red bean Ice Cream. After eating, we moved to Starbucks coffee at Stuyvsant Plaza and chatted until 10pm. I was so happy to meet Japanese friends and talked a lot.

Apple Picking & Picnic Lunch

I joined "Apple Picking & Picnic Lunch" at Indian Ladder Farm( Unfortunately, the weather was bad and it was cloudy and sometimes shower. We bought a bag and put apples in it. We picked "Fuji-apple" and "Mutsu-apple", which are Japanese apple. The ground of apple picking area was wet and apples were on the top of the tree. It was difficult to pick for children and they used the tool for pick.
After picking, we had a potluck party in a hatch because of rain. I enjoyed eating many kinds of food, such as sandwich, potato salad and Tonjiru(Miso soup with pork and many kinds of vegetables). After eating lunch, children went to pumpkin farm and pick own pumpkin. They painted and carved own pumpkin. It was so interesting. Each children enjoyed very much and had a good job!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Carl and Joan invited JLCC( to dinner. I went to their house. There were 6members(3 Japanese, 1 Korean, 1 American and 1 Chinese). They prepared many food such as turkey, salad, lasagna and mash potatoes. After eating these food, we ate apple crumble and brownie as a dessert. I was so satisfied these food. We talked about American economy these days, Japanese culture, and our work and study. We chatted a lot and had a good time. I really thank to Carl and Joan!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I got many turnips at Troy's farmers market today. I found 8 turnips($2.50) and bought them. However, I returned to my apartment, I regretted little because 8 turnips are too much for me. Immediately, I cooked all of them. I made 4 meals.
First, I fried Turnips' leaves with dried bonito and sesame. Second one is fried Turnips' leaves with chili and baby sardine. Third one is fried Turnips and pork with soy-source. Last one is boiled Turnips and Turnips' leaves with ginger and soy-source. Oh... they looked good and I will eat lunch and dinner!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lindt "Hot Mango"

I went to Crossgate Mall( to get a small present to my friend. I found Chocolate set which are decorated by Halloween design wrapping paper at Lindt( . Moreover, I found new flavors. One of them is "Hot Mango". It is pure dark chocolate filled with dark chocolate mousse and mango-cayenne filling. The chocolate is bitter, and filling is sweet ant spicy. This taste is very strange and interesting for me. The filling taste is similar to mango chutney in Indian restaurant I went before. It is enough to eat 1 bar. Another flavor is "papaya and chili pepper", I remember.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Souvlaki Fest !

I went to "Souvlaki Fest" at St.Sophia Orthodox Church. I arrived that church around 5:30pm and there were many people here. At first, I bought "Gyro($7.00)", which is wrapped with grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes and minced onion. Then, I passed salad area and went to the dessert area. I bought "Cheese pie($3.25)"、"Assorted Greek Pastries ($5.00/ 1 small bag)"、"Vanilla cookies($5.00/ 1 bag)". I found "Loukoumades(Fried dough with honey, $5.00/ 1 big bag)", but it looked too much for me and I gave up to buy. I took all of them and ate at my apartment. Greek food are very similar to Turkish food and I realised I like Greek sweets!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DVD Drive

The DVD drive of my notebook PC were broken. so I got new external DVD±R drive. New one is

LightScribe( enabled. So, I bought new LightScribe CD-R and tried to burn label. It took about 6 minutes (the design below) but it was beautiful. My husband said LightScribe is not popular in Japan. I wonder why???