Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow Again !

I was sooo surprised when I woke up and saw the outside this morning. It was snow!! When will I have spring !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Meeting

In, I found new group "The Capital District Gourmet Meetup" and I became a member. Today I had a first meeting of this group at "Honest Weight Food Co-op(". Today's theme was "How to Cook with Bulk Foods". At first, we went to the bulk foods aisle and staff explained us some bulk foods. There were many kinds of flower and rice in this corner. Especially, we tasted Quinoa and Basmati. Quinoa looks like cusucusu but they are smaller. They were mixed with dice of tomatoes and its taste like a salad and it's good for breakfast, I think. Basmati was mixed with lentil and little portion of soy source. It's good for dinner. I ate both of them for the first time but I liked them. I enjoyed this meeting very much and want to try other exotic food!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

International symbol for marrage

My friend sent me this picture. It is universal the position of husbands are weaker than wives, I found.

Digital Scale

Now a days, I am worry about my weight because I can eat a lot even if I do not exercises. Also, I went to some good restaurant and grocery store and buy something to eat. Today I went to "Bed Bath & Beyond (" and bought digital weight. After arriving my apartment, I checked my weight!! Not so surprised... OK.....I will eat the lesser tomorrow.

Four Seasons Natural Foods (Organic Food Restaurant)

My friend and I went to Saratoga Springs today. We had a lunch at "Four Seasons Natural Foods". Entering this shop, we can see many kinds of natural products, such as cake, tea, shampoo and vegetable. I was so interested in this shop. Inside the shop, there is a cafe. The style is buffet but we should pay depend on we get on the dish; we pay about $7.00/ 1 lb. I got small portion of many kinds of foods and paid $5.77 and got a cup of white been soup($2.50). There were some dishes made with Japanese products. These dishes' taste were so good. Other dishes with vegetables were also nice! My friend and I were satisfied this dishes!!
Four Seasons Natural Foods
33 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs,
NY 12866
TEL (518)584-4670

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cardona's Market (Italian Market)

I went to buy my lunch at "Cardona's Market(". I saw this market's advertisement in Metroland or others, so I wanted to go there. This market is the bigger than I expected and there are many kinds of Italian glossaries, such as cheese, salami, sweets, pasta and so on. I bought "salmon risotto" and "Ratatouille" for lunch. Both of them were taste good and I believe these meals are better than some Italian restaurants! I want to try other meals. The disadvantage of this market is little bit far from my apartment!
Cardona's Market
340 Delaware Avenue, Albany,
NY 12209
TEL (518)434-4838

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ice hockey game

Today, I went to see the ice hockey game at the Times Union Center( with my friends. Today was an international students day, then, I got cheaper tickets. Today's game was "Albany River Rats( vs Hershey Bears" and River rats won the game. There were some rough plays in this game but most of people were so exciting. I was exciting, too. It was the first time to see the ice hockey game for my friend but she liked it very much.

I got a parcel

I got a parcel from my husband. He sent me medicines, books, CD and cookies. These cookies are the one I really like. I am so happy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe (Cafe)

I heard this cafe serves "Gluten Free" cakes and bread, so I really wanted to go there. Today, I went there and bought some cakes. The word "Gluten free" is not popular in Japan but I sometimes hear it in the U.S. Therefore, I am interested in the cafe. In this cafe, there were many kinds of meals, such as cakes, pies, bread and pizza. All of them are gluten free. I bought "Apple cider donut($1.25)","Blueberry donut($1.25)" and "Chocolate cake($2.95)". The donut is crispy on the surface but inside is very chewy. I like this texture. I want to try pizza and lasagna next time.

Sherry Lynn's Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe
1691 New York Route 7, Brunswick,
NY 12180
TEL (518)-279-9267
8:30AM-7:00PM Everyday
Closed Tuesday

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bread & Cake !

My friend sells a Japanese style bread and cakes every 2 weeks( in Albany area. Today is the day she sells. I bought "Vanilla Pudding ($1.25)", "Green Tea Roll Cake ($6.00)", "Bread with fried-noodle($1.75)" and "Rum raisin & Walnuts Table roll (5 in a pack, $4.00)". "Bread with fried-noodle" was really Japanese style and I impressed so much! These bread and cakes made me happy!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pretty Bears !

Last month, I spent a lot of money, such as my tuition and rent fee. Therefore, I got "$100 gift card". I bought another "Cris bear" by swarovski !! It is sooooo cute.