Saturday, April 26, 2008

De John's Restaurant & Pub (Italian & Pub)

I had a farewell party at "De John's Restaurant & Pub(" for my friend who will return to Japan next week. This restaurant has 3 stories and we occupied most of 3rd floor. I ate "Roasted duck" and this duck was soft and tasty. I could not eat dessert because of full. In the dessert menu, there were cheese cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake.
I think this restaurant was little bit dark but atmosphere was good. It better to go with couple then with family.
De John's Restaurant & Pub
288 Lark Street, Albany,
NY 12208TEL (518)465-5275

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I drank "Enviga" today. I wanted ti drink this because it is said that we can use 60-100 kcal when we drink 3 of it in a day. It sounds really good! Taste was not good but not bad. I bought berry taste and it was little sweet for me. There are 3 kinds of tastes but I do not want to try another 2. To drink 1 is enough for me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I had a Gourmet Meetup group's meeting at Troy's Farmers Market( Today's topic was "Learn about Shitake and Oyster Mushrooms". I am familiar with these kinds of mushrooms but have never bought them in the U.S. Today, we heard about how to breed these mushrooms and how to cook them at "Wiltbank Farm" booth. It was so fun and I wanted to try and bought them. After this meeting, I went around the market and bough some bread and cream cheese.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tonight is Japan Night

I joined "Japan Night" organized by JSA(Japanese Student Association; I heard there will be Japanese food, so I went there before opened the door but there were many people. I was very surprised to see them. After opening the door, we could eat Japanese food but there were little; Sushi, Fried-noodle, Pan-fried pork and so on. After eating there food, performing was started. 1.Opening band(In this point, I was sooo regret to take my friends)→2.Kendo(It was not Kendo, it was comedy!)→3.Calligraphy(No comment)→4.Japanese Dance(It was great but I did not need to dance a waltz)→5.Karate(It was really good. The people who train in Karate-Dojo( )near SUNY demonstrated Karate.)→6.Japanese Pop Song(It was good,too.)→7.Fashion Show(It was best, I thing. "Otaku" was really impressed and I bursted into laughter!)→8.Stomp Dance(It was good)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pretty Card

I got a card from the school near my apartment. It was the invitation to open house.
Here it is. It is sooo cute!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I bought a tea pot because I am very interested in tea now a days. This pot is really good and I love it; "IngenuiTEA Dispensing Teapot" by Adagio Teas( I bought it at "", whose price was $17.99. I can not explain how to serve tea using this pot, so please see the video at this site( This pot is my-boom now!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Friday

SUNY JSA(Japanese Student Association; will have a "Japan Night" in this Friday. This event is held once in a year and JSA introduces Japanese culture and shows some demonstration of calligraphy and Karate. It looks very interesting to me and I will join this event with 2 of my friends. The ticket price is $5.00 before Friday 4:00PM. But After 4:00PM, ticket price will be $8:00.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I went there again !

I went to "The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company(" to drink "Bubble tea". The origin of Bubble tea is a kind of iced-tea and is from Taiwan but this shop arranged something. We can select milk-tea base or straight-tea base. There are coconuts jelly in the iced-tea. I drank bubble tea which is made by strawberry flavored iced-tea. The color was cute and taste was little bit sweet but I liked it. Also, I bought some tea; "Rise(2oz $5.75)" which is a original black tea, "Earl Grey de le Creme(0.5oz $2.75)" which is black tea with vanilla, and "Chamomile Sonata(0.5oz $2.75)" which is blended chamomile with citrus fruits. I am looking for drinking there tea!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Party !

I had a party at my IELP( teacher's house. This party organized the member of SAI( students who studied last summer. Therefore, I joined the activities several times, so they invited the party to me. My teacher also invited my classmates who joined IELP last spring. So, I met some my classmates and was really happy to have a good time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company (Tea House)

I attended "The Capital District Gourmet Meetup(" meeting at "The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company(". This shop sells many kinds of teas. The owner talked about tea, which was so interesting to me. We tasted 5 kinds of variety of tea. Each tea are sold as small tin (0.5oz)、Large tin (2oz) and Bag(4oz). Their tin is clear top and so cute!! I bought Rooibos tea "Sweetheart Red".
The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company
20 Learned Street, Albany, NY 12207
TEL (518)-478-0093

I got snacks

Last week my husband sent me some documents about tax because he needs my signature in these documents. So, I got them today. The box which carried these documents were big and I wonder, but I opened it and was surprised. There were many Japanese snacks in it. I ma soooo happy!!