Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NYC 2nd Day

My husband started to work at AM 7:30 but I relaxed in our room until AM 10:00. Today, I went to MoMA(The Museum of Modern Art; http://www.moma.org/). I arrived there AM 10:30 and there was long line. I waited 15 minutes to enter the museum. Because I am SUNY student, I got free ticket! Lucky!!
The museum is soooooo large and there are many exhibits, such as paintings, sculpture and pictures. I was interested in architecture and design articles. Some ridiculous and strange chairs, desks and other products are displayed. I took about 2 hours to see all of them. Also, I took 30 minutes in museum store because there were many goods what I wanted to buy.
Next, I went to “BOOK-OFF (http://www.bookoff.co.jp/english/shops/kaigai02.html)” because I wanted to read Japanese novels and magazines. There were not only Japanese books, CDs and DVDs, but also English. After all, I bought 2 English books.

I decided to eat lunch at “Café ZAIYA”, which is Japanese bakery. My friend recommended me to eat bread and cakes whose taste is Japanese. But there are many customers in this shop and I did not wait for a long time, so I gave up eating there.
Then, I entered “Sugo! e Basilico(http://www.sugoebadilico.com/)” to eat lunch. I ate Wrap but its taste is not good and not bad. I have nothing to write about this shop.
After eating lunch, I felt little tired and returned to hotel and rested. Then, I went to “Amy’s Bred(http://www.amysbread.com/)”. This shop is famous for food bread and one of my friends recommended me to go. There are many kinds of bread and it was difficult to me to decide to buy but I bought 3 kinds of bread for tomorrow’s breakfast.
When my husband finished his work, we went to Japanese restaurant with some Japanese who work with my husband. The restaurant name is “Hatsuhana(http://www.hatsuhana.com/)". We paid $80 each but taste was soooo delicious, especially Sashimi (raw fish) is really good. I was so impressed them. I was very happy to eat good Japanese meals!!

NYC 1st Day

Because my husband had to join the conference in NYC, so I went there together. We left our apartment at AM9:30 and went to “MITSUWA(http://www.mitsuwanj.com/index.htm.com/index.htm)” in NJ. MITSUWA is Japanese supermarket which is the biggest one around NYC. There are many kinds of Japanese products but I can get most of them in Albany’s Korean or Chinese supermarkets. This time, our porpoise is to eat Ramen at food court and we ate. We were so satisfied and then went to NYC. We stayed in “The Roosevelt Hotel(http://www.theroosevelthotel.com/)” and that hotel’s room was smaller than I expected.
My husband had to join the party at PM6:00, so we had several hours to go around the city. We went to Japanese bookstore ”Kinokuniya(http://www.kinokuniya.com/)” and checked some books and magazines. After buying some books, we went to “St.Patrick’s Cathedral” and saw beautiful stained glass.

I had a plan to meet my friend at PM6:00 and went to Times Square. We went to the Italian restaurant “LAVAGNA(http://www.lavagnanyc.com/)” where she recommended me. This restaurant is small but atmosphere was so good and I enjoyed eating dinner very much. Especially, pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil was really delicious. After eating dinner, we went to the Crepe café “Cecel”. We ate double mango crepes. Taste was same as Japanese crepe but size was the smaller. Then, I dropped in Japanese supermarket and returned my hotel. We have not met for 2 months, so we had a lot of topics and talked a lot. I enjoyed very much.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sushi Tei (Sushi Restaurant)

My husband and I went to have lunch at "Sushi Tei", which is new Sushi restaurant. There are 3 kinds of daily lunch box and all of their prices are $5.95. Also, there are other 10 kinds of lunch boxes' whose prices are $6.50~$11.25 ; Tempura box, Ton Katsu box, Sushi box and so on. My husband ate "Sushi box"( $10.25) and I ate "Special rolls box"($8.95). Both of them were so nice and qualities were so good. We are satisfied very much. In my opinion. best Sushi restaurant in Albany area is "Yoshi-Sushi(640 New Loudan Rd., Latham, NY 12110)" but their price is little expensive for me, so I always take my friends to eat Japanese food to "ICHIBAN(Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203)". From today, I will take my friends to eat Sushi to "Sushi Tei"!!
Sushi Tei
1800 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203
TEL (518)218-0388

Friday, July 27, 2007


My husband went to Japan for business trip and came back today. I asked him some Japanese stuff; medicine, books, CD and sweets. Most Japanese products are able to got in Chinese or Korean supermarket but we can not get Japanese magazines and books easily in Albany. So, I am starved of Japanese books!

Saratoga Shakespeare Company

My friends and I went to Saratoga to see a play at Congress Park(http://www.saratogashakespeare.com/). The theater is outside and we sat chair or blanket which we brought. The title of the play is "Much ado about nothing". I read the book, so I know the story but sometimes I could not understand why audience laughed. The weather was so nice and I was comfortable to see the play such a lovely park. In summer season, there are a lot of activities in this area and I want to go and see many things!


My friend who is Taiwanese girl invited me to have lunch at her house. She and her room mates made lunch for me; Cully, Fried cabbage with dry shrimp, Fried qing-geng-cai with onion and Chicken soup. I was interested in Chicken soup because Pineapple, Chicken and bitter melon were in the soup whose flavor is Chinese tea and the taste was mixed bitter and sweet. I had a first time to eat such a taste and I liked it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cooking Class

I went to Cooking Class at SUNY today. Today's menu is "Khichari", which is "mixed vegetable and lenti rice". It are used a lot of kinds of spices and smell good. I saw how to cook it and then tasted! Making "Khichari" is easy and its taste is delicious. I love it!


I have been to America almost One year. Every time I went to somewhere, I took a lot of pictures. So, I collected my pictures and made an album. I selected Kodak's HP(http://targetphoto.kodakgallery.com/Welcome.jsp?&fromlogo=true) and decided material of album, size and design. It was so fun for me to make album. I received it today and it is gorgeous!! I like it. I will make another one next year.

Harry Potter

I got a book of "Harry Potter 7". I started to read today!! I have a vacation this week, so I have a lot of time to read. I heard that someone is killed the story of this book but I can not imagine who is killed...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chili's Grill & Bar

My husband and I went to eat lunch at "Chili's Grill & Bar(http://www.chilis.com/)". I saw many branches of this restaurant but I had a first time to eat there. I ate Fajita Quesadillas and my husband ate shrimp pasta. I love Quesadillas but I think Pncho's(http://www.panchosmx.com/index.html) is better than Chili's.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pineapple Cake

One of my friends who is Taiwanese went back to Taiwan and returned to Albany this week. I met her today and would eat lunch together but she had a lot of homework because of her absent. So, we will eat dinner tomorrow. She game me a gift of Taiwan. It is Pineapple cake. I love it!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bountiful Bread (Cafe) @ Stuyvesant Plaza

My husband and I went to eat lunch in "Bountiful Bread(http://www.bountifulbread.com/)"at Stuyvesant Plaza. I bought a sesame bread before and it was delicious, so I was looking forward to eating lunch. There are many kinds of sandwiches, panini and wraps. Also, there are many kinds of cookies, muffins and cakes. I ate smoked turkey sandwich($6.75) and my husband ate chicken Cesar wrap($6.95). Taste was not good and not bad but the atmosphere of this cafe is so comfortable. Next time I will try cake and muffin!
Bountiful Bread
Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany
TEL (518)438-3540

Baseball Game@Bruno Stadium

My husband and I went to see baseball game of "Tri-City Valley Cats(http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/index.jsp?sid=t577)at Bruno Stadium(http://www.ballparkreviews.com/troy/troy.htm). It took only 15 minutes from our apartment. The stadium is small but very comfortable. There are 3 kinds of ticket ; $10,$8 and $6. We bought $6 tickets. Our seats were outfield of left side. Because of small stadium, we could see all. My husband bought 2 cups of beers and was satisfied. The game move slowly and took about 4 hours. Tri-City Valley Cats lost the game. I enjoyed to watch this game but I want to watch MLB game.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star Game

Last night, I watched "All-Star Game" because of Ichiro. I like him very much. He was awesome and did inside-the-park home run. I was sooooo exiting!!! And he got the MVP!! Congratulation!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


I joined camping as IELPhttp://www.albany.edu/ielp/AboutIELP.html) activity from July 6th. to July 8th. We went to Dippikillhttp://www.dippikill.com/), where SUNY has a summer house.
First day, we would leave at 2PM but my husband finished his work at 3PM, so we depart lately. We arrived the Lodge at 5PM. The lodge has one large room(for 10 people) and & small room es(for 2 people). The members of this camp are IELP students and SAI students(http://www.albany.edu/ielp/SAI.html) and their family, so there were over 30people. At 7PM, we ate dinner(Pasta, fruits, salad...). After becoming dark outside, we did campfire. We drank beer and baked marshmallow. I talked a lot and went to bed at 2AM.

Next day, after breakfast, we went to the pond near our lodge. I did not swim but some of us swam in the pond. I rode in canoe with my husband. It was so comfortable to ride on canoe and felt good wind. At lunch time, we returned to our lodge and ate sand witches. After lunch, we went to lake by car. It took about 30 minutes from our lodge. I forgot this lake's name but it was beautiful and I could see a beaver dam. It was so interesting for me. At dinner, we ate BBQ at backyard. And then, we did campfire but it started rain soon, so we returned to our lodge and talked in living room with drinking beer and wine.

Last day, we ate breakfast(Pancakes, fruits...) , packed our lug age and return home.
I had a first time to camp in the US and it was so fun. I thank to my teachers!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Strawberry Daifuku

I made "Strawberry Daifuku" today. "Daifuku" is a kind of Japanese classical sweets and typical Daifuku's dough is made by rice powder and sugar. Inside the dough, there is red been paste. But in Strawberry Daifuku there is Strawberry covered with red bean taste. Strawberry's sour taste and red bean paste's sweet taste are good combination. I like it!!!

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

My husband and I went to "National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum(http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/)" in Cooperstown. It took 1.5 hours from my house. In Cooperstown, many shop sell goods related to baseball such as T-shirts, bats and cards. I really impressed that American people like baseball! In this museum, there were many people and they took a lot of pictures in front of baseball players' goods. For me, most impressed goods were Ichiro's. He is one of the most famous Japanese and I like him very much. Now, he has a record, so his bat and uniform were on display. I took some pictures of them. I like baseball but I know American MLB only a little. But I want to know MLB!!