Monday, June 29, 2009


I got eel in Asian market and today's lunch was eel, which was mixed with cucumber and egg. It's Yummy!!! This eel is not bad but I miss delicious eel in Japan.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bella Napoli Bakery (Bread & Cake)

I went to buy some cakes at "Bella Napoli Bakery(". This shop sells many kinds of cakes and breads. I was so surprised! I did not decided which one I will buy. I roamed this side and the other side for several times. Finally, I bought dozen of dinner roll, an Italian cheese cake, 2 Eclairs and 1/2 pound of Chocolate cream puffs. All of them were only $9.00!! Also, this shop has counter seats inside and we can eat pizza and sandwiches. I will try next time. However, why I did not know such a good shop ???
Bella Napoli Bakery
Corners of Route 9 & 155
Latham, NY
TEL (888) 800-0103

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's sweet

I am so tired in this week, so I need sweets!
I went to "Debbie's Kitchen (456 Madison Avenue, Albany NY, 12208)" to buy Brownies! I love Debbi's Brownie because they are so soft. I believe their Brownies are best in Albany. I got "plain Brownie ( $3.00)" and "Cherry and rhubarb cheese cake ($2.00)". I tried some kinds of Denni's Brownie but I love plain one. They make me happy!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Italian Deli

I love Deli because there are many kinds of foods which I cannot cook. Today on the way to my apartment, I went to "Via Fresca(". Here is one of my favorite deli. I bought "Seafood salad", "Italian bread", "Chicken cutlet" and "Fried rice ball with beef". Salad is mixed with octopus and squid marinated with lemon dressing. It is very refreshing taste. I bought it last time and I really like it. This shop also sells freeze food and sweets. Sweets are fascinated me so much.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBQ Party

I had a BBQ party with my friends at my friend's house. I like BBQ because it is symbol of summer for me!! Today was real summer day. Sunshine was strong and it made me suntan. We took food and shared. I took Salmon with vegetable and cooked on BBQ stove. Finally, we gave up to be in such a summer day and went into the house. It was comfortable than outside. How many times will I do BBQ this summer???

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinner at Creo

I had a dinner with my 4 Japanese friends at Creo( I like Creo because of their food and atmosphere. Today we shared to eat some plates; Avocado and tuna roll as an entree, Eggplant & five cheeses wood fire roasted as an entree, Risotto of the day, Pasta of the day, Crème brulee, shortcake with 4 berries and chocolate & Mascarpone cake. All of them were delicious, especially, I love Risotto. Today's risotto was shrimp and artichoke on the risotto. These combination were really good. Also, I became big fan of short cake. I came this restaurant 3 times. Every time I came, I am satisfied very much.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Asian Taste

Today I dropped in Stuyvesant Plaza( because I wanted to get something drink at Starbucks Coffee. Before Starbucks, I went to "EATS(". Still there are many kinds of products which I am so interested in. I checked all products in the sore... Then, I found something interesting in Deli corner. Some of the deli look like Asian. I want to try and bought "Asian style coleslaw with smoked duck breast ($9.00/1 lb)" and "Sauteed Shitakes ($18.00/1lb)". As for the coleslaw, there are cabbage, carrot and smoked duck with source which taste like Japanese one. As for the sautee, Shitakes with sesame were taste vinegar. Both of them were definitely Asian. I will take them in my lunch box tomorrow!