Saturday, June 30, 2007

Red Lobster(Sea food Restaurant)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at ”Red Lobster(”. There are some combination meals and pasta as lunch. I ordered a combination of shrimp and my husband ordered shrimp pasta and fried calamari. I always wonder why there are so many people go to this restaurant but I found the reason. The service is excellent! I was satisfied to eat here. But one meal is large in quantity for me, so next time I will go with some my friends.

Red Lobster
170 Wolf Road, Colonie,
NY 12205

Thursday, June 28, 2007


My husband's co-worker came to here this week. He game us a souvenir, which is "Ramen"!!! I saw some Japanese noodles in Asian market but I have never seen Japanese Ramen soup. I am so happy to get them. When will I eat them???

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scratch (Cafe)

My husband and I went to ”Scratch Cafe(” near the Washington Park. This cafe is small because there are only about 10 seats. But there are many kinds of sweets such as cakes, tarts, pies and cookies. I ate chocolate tart and coffee and my husband ate chocolate&oatmeal brownie and coffee. They are so good! Their service is really good and I wanted to stay for a long time. We also bought smoked ham wrap($5.95) and salad($3.00) for our lunch. If this cage is near my house, I will go there everyday!

452 Madison Avenue, Albany,
NY 12208
TEL (518)465-2233

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 13th. Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday (Jun.22) was our 13th. wedding anniversary!

My husband gave me a "Kris Bear", which is made by Swarovski( and I really wanted to get. I am so happy and put it in my shelf. He is soooooo cute!!!

King's Wok (Chinese Restaurant)

This restaurant is in 20 Mall in Guilderland. There are some lunch meals(from $4 to $6). I ordered "chicken chow mein" and my husband ordered "pork with garlic sauce". Meals were big for us and their taste were good. Unfortunately, their service was not good. I hope to be better!

King's Wok
20 Mall, 2080 Western Avenue,
Guilderland, NY 12084
TEL (518)869-1300

Famers Market

My husband and I went to "Troy Waterfront Farmers Market(" this morning. I like farmers market because I find fruits and vegetables in season. Last time I went to this market, I found a lot of Radish. Today I found strawberry and cherry. I bought them!! They are soooooo sweet. Also, I bought some bread which my husband likes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lunch box

I make my husband's lunch box everyday. I do not like to make it because I can not decide the side dishes. Now a day, I bought some dishes in Hong Kong Supermarket(1553 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12205 ; TEL(518)456-0867 ; Open AM10:00~PM10:00). Today, I bought shrimp dumpling(6/1package), shrimp&shark fin dumpling(6/1package) and shrimp shaomai(10/1package). Each of their price is $1.89. They are so useful for me! When I entered this shop, the staff talked to me in Chinese but I could not understand and I said "Sorry, I am Japanese. I can not understand you". Then this stuff called woman who is owner's wife, and that woman asked me "Which fish does Japanese like?", "What product does Japanese want to buy?" I answered her and she showed me a catalog in which there are many products. Then she asked me "Please check products which Japanese likes!" So I checked. When I saw the catalog, I could see many Japanese stuff and I wanted to buy some of them. She said that she wants to know what products Japanese wants but she did not have a chance to ask. I was very happy to hear that and I requested some products. I am looking forward to see them in this shop!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Drive to Vermont State

Today was fine weather, so we drove to Vermont State to go to"The Vermont country store(". One of my American friends recommended me to go there. At first, we arrive around the "Manchester Desiner Outlets(” but we did not buy anything. We had a luch at "The Little Rooster Cafe" near this outlet mall.

After eating lunch, we went to "The Vermont country store". In this store, there were a lot of people and most of them were eating because there were many samplers in this shop; cheese, ham, dipping source, cake, soup... I found why my friend recommend me this shop! My husband and I ate many samplers and were full. We bought cheese, salami and snack. I enjoyed this store very much.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Olive Garden (Italian Restaurant)

I went to "Olive Garden(178 Wolf Road, Colonie, NY 12205, TEL (518)458-8676 ;" with my husband today. This restaurant is for family with small children. In lunch time, there were a lot if people there and most of them took small children. So, if you eat lunch in good atmosphere, do not go there! But each meal has garlic bread and soup or salad. I think pasta was little over boiled but I was really full and could not eat dessert(They looked so delicious!).

Friday, June 15, 2007

PANCHO'S (Mexican Restaurant)

I was recommended from my Mexican friends this restaurant before and I have been once. Today, I went to have a lunch with my husband and my husband's co-worker. In lunch time, there are many lunch meals($5.95 or $6.45). There were many customers in lunch time and stuff looked very busy. I ordered Lunch #6($5.45) , which is Quesadilla Rellena. It was delicious!! Before I ate Mexican food in this restaurant, I did not like Mexican food because of their tastes. But now I like Mexican food very much, especially I love Quesadilla!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


One of my husband's co-workers returned Japan and he gave souvenir to my husband. It was "Shingen-mochi". I like this sweet very much!! It is so famous sweet in Japan (I think). Word "Shingen" is famous Japanese warrior's name and "mochi" means rice cake. 3 small rice cakes are in small cup with soy flour. When we eat it, we put syrup on it. So delicious!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bread & Cake

When I missed Japanese bread and cakes, one of my friends introduced me this shop(( The owner is Japanese woman. About every 2 weeks, I order her previously and she delivers my bread and cakes. Today I received my order and took pictures. Cream Puff($1.25), Cream Puff(Green Tea)($1.25), Cream Cheese Bread($1.25), Teriyaki Chicken Bread($1.75), Melon Bread($1.25) and Rum Raisin$Walnuts Table Roll($4.00;5 in a pack). I really like these bread and cakes. I am happy now!!!!


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The Cheesecake Factory

I went to "The Cheesecake Factory(" to have a dinner with my friends. There were a lot of people there and we had to wait about 25 minutes to have our seats. We ordered Pasta and Salad. I like this restaurant's meals. These are really delicious! We also ordered desserts but each dessert was so big for us.(June 9, 2007)

ICHIBAN(Japanese&Chinese Restaurant)

My husband and I went to "ICHIBAN(Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203; TEL (518)869-9585)" to have a lunch. This restaurant meals are not Japanese and not Chinese but taste is good. I like it. When I ask good Japanese restaurant to my American friends, most of them recommend me this restaurant. Today, my husband ordered "Shanghai Pork Noodle" and I ordered "Ten-don". Both of their tastes were good but quantity was too much for me, so I brought half of them to my house. (June 2, 2007)

Ocean Seefood (Chinese Food)

My husband and I went to "Ocean Sea food(212 Central Ace., Albany, NY 12206 ; TEL(518)434-8877)" to buy our lunch boxes. We bought 2 lunch boxes; Sesami Chicken and Beef with Broccoli. Each of them has soda and Price is only $4.65. Because of fine day, we brought our lunch boxes to our apartment and ate at balcony. Lovely!!!(May 28, 2007)


My husband and I went to have a lunch at "Revenous(21 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 ; TEL(518)518-0560)". This cafe is famous as crepes. There are a lot of kinds of crepes. My husband ordered a meal crepe with cheese, ham and eggs. I ordered a desert crepe with strawberries and cream. Both of them were very delicious and I was really fond of them. I want to have these kinds of cafe in downtown Albany!!!(May 27, 2007)

Peaches Cafe

I went to have lunch with my husband at ”Peaches Cafe(Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY ;”. One of my friends said that this cafe's meals are really good but service is awful. I was really interested in this cafe. In the menu, there are sandwiches, hamburgers, cakes and waffles... I ordered a Tuna hot-sandwich and my husband ordered a Hamburger. Both of them were good and also their service was not bad. I wonder why my friend said so. I will go there again and try cake or waffle.(May 26, 2007)

Troy Waterfron Farmers Market

My husband and I went to "Troy Waterfront Farmers Market(Troy Dock and Marina, River Street, Troy ;", which opens every Saturday. This market is a small but there were a lot of products, such as vegetables, breads and plants. Many people bought plants of vegetables and flowers. I bought some vegetables and breads. There were 3 or 4 bakery in this market and all of them looked delicious. I could not decided which breads I would buy. Location of Troy is near my house, so I will go again!(May 26, 2007)

Brown's Brewing Company

I went to "Brown's Brewing Company(245 River street, Troy, NY 12180、TEL(518)273-2337、" with my friends. This bar is brewery, so there are 6 different types of beer. We drank cherry raspberry Ale, which was little sweet. There are not only snacks which are good for beer but also good meals. We did not try these meals but they looked really delicious. We ate chocolate cake and apple pie with ice cream. They were big and good. I will try some meals next time!(May 22, 2007)

Hong Kong Supermarket

My husband and I went to Hong Kong Supermarket(1553 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12205 ; TEL(518)456-0867). Do not enter the door at Central Avenue. Main entrance and parking lot are back not Central Avenue side.
The size of this market is as same as Asian Food Market but looks very clean. They sell fresh fish, meat and vegetables. Also, they sell many kinds of noodles and Asian spices. Because they opened last week, some shelf were few products but I am looking forward to being good quality of Asian food in this market!(May 20, 2007)

Ali Baba's Indian Spices

I went to "Ali Baba's Indian Spices”(10 Fuller Rd. Albany, NY 12205;TEL (518)489-2316), which I was very interested in. We can not see inside the shop, so I was little nerves. In this shop, there are a lot of Indian spices, sweets and vegetables. I bought two spices which are used with Tandori and Kabab(each $1).(May 17, 2007)

Tulip Festival @ Washington park

From last Friday to today, there is a tulip festival in Washington park( We knew yesterday's news and then we went to this festival. There were a lot of kinds of tulips in the park and many people took a pictures. Also, there were a lot of stands in the park, such as hot dog, lemonade, accessary and T-shurt. Today was lovely day and we enjoyed looking around the festival.(May 13, 2007)

Mrs London's

My husband and I went to "Mrs London's(、464 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, TEL(518)581-1834)" where my friend recommend to go strongly. As my friend said, this cafe's cakes were really delicious!!! I love them!!! Also, this cafe sells breads and pastries. Unfortunately, prices are expensive; $5.5 or $6.5 per cake, "2.5 per croissant and $6.5~ per sandwich.(May 12, 2007)

Hong Kong Bakery

My husband and I go to "Hong Kong Bakery(212 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206, TEL (518)431-6520)" almost once a week. We really like this Chinese restaurant. Every meals are delicious and price is cheap. Today we ordered a noodle with soup and fried noodle. Fried noodle were too much for me and brought to my house for our dinner.(May 12, 2007)

Mr. Fuji (Japanese Restaurant)

I went to "Mr. Fuji(19 Clifton Country, Clifton Park, NY 12065、TEL (518)-383-5538)" with my husband because of my birthday. We ordered 2 Sushi regulars, Edamame and Beef negimaki. In most Japanese restaurant , Sushi set has a few nigiris and rolls but in this restaurant, there are 7 nigiris and 6 rolls. For women, it is enough!! In this restaurant, atmosphere and service are really good. I recommend to go there!! (May 11, 2007)

Spring has come

2 weeks ago, I wore down jacket but I wear T shirts this week. I really wanted to come spring, then it has come!!! When I was in Japan, I take medicine from end of January to begin of May because of my pollen allergy. In Albany, same as Japan I take medicine but symptom is not serious. Moreover, spring is very short in Albany comparing with in Japan. So, I am not worry about my allergy and enjoy spring.(May 7, 2007 )

Indian Ladder Farms

My husband and I went to Indian Ladder Farms(! Last time I went to there was apple picking. Comparing with last time, there were few people to come but today was very lovely day, so I enjoyed to meet some animals and ate apple cider doughnuts.(May 6, 2007 )

Prime Outlets Lee

This afternoon, I went to "Prime Outlets Lee(". It took about 50 minutes from my house by car. It is the nearest outlet moll from my house. I have been to "Woodburry Common("several times. Comparing to Woodburry common, Prime outlets Lee is smaller but I could see a lot of goods nice and easy because there are fewer people. I bought my sandal(@Bass, $34.99) and wallet(@Coach, $82.95).(May 5, 2007 )

Final Party @ Dragon Buffet

Today, I had a final party at Dragon Buffet( 1881 Central Ave., Albany NY). In this restaurant, there are many kinds of food, such as Japanese food, Chinese food, American food. I think weekday lunch price is so valuable($5.99). Saturday lunch is $6.99 and Sunday lunch is $10.49. There were a lot of people to eat there! I recommend to go to this restaurant!!!(May 3, 2007 )

Fusion Cafe(Sushi Restaurant)

Today, I went to "Fusion Cafe" (69 State Street, Albany, NY 12207, TEL (518)432-2670,Monday-Friday 11AM-6PM)with my classmates. This restaurant is not good!! There are 5 lunch box menus and all of them are $5.95. I ordered "Sushi Box"(4 Nigiri:Shrimp, Crab, Tuna and Salmon, 4 pieces of California Roll, Salad and Sushi Rice). It was not real Sushi. I was very disappointed....(May 2, 2007 )

Food Festival @ Maria's house

We had a food festival in Maria's house. We, our classmates and teacher, had to take own country's food to this party. I brought steam buns and fried dumplings(actually, dumpling's origin is china). Other Japanese classmates brought rice balls and Sushi. There were many kinds of food in this party and we tried them. Maria's house is really big and gorgeous! Furthermore, her pet, which is a dog and whose name is sun, is so cute! She likes to play with us and I enjoyed playing very much. We talked a lot and ate a lot. We had a good time.(April 28, 2007)

Film Festival #4 (@ IELP)

Today and yesterday, we had a Film festival#4 in our class!
We watched "The Pursuit of Happyness ". This story is real story. Chris(main character) faced to difficult life with his son but he tried to be happy and had a chance! (April 26, 2007 )

Birthday Party!

Yesterday I was invited my friend's daughter's birthday party. She became 2 years old! There are many food and toys in party's room and many children played around the room. I was so happy to meet some Japanese people and talked with them. Moreover, I had a good time to spend the party!(April 26, 2007 )

Fountain Day @SUNY

Today is Fountain day in SUNY. I did not know what they celebrate, but my teacher said it was very fun, so I went there. It was very fun and crazy!!! The person who can join this event is only SUNY student or stuff. Early registration gave me original T-shirt. First, at entrance, I was checked my SUNY card and was given wrist band. Then, I entered the event field. In the field, we could get free drinks(soda, iced tea, water...) and foods(hot dog, potato chips...). At 14:30 we could enter the fountain area and enjoyed playing with water. That was very fun and I got wet!!!(April 22, 2007 )

Van's Vietnamese Restaurant

Today we had only morning class, so some of our classmates and I went to Vietnamese Restaurant(Van's Vietnamese Restaurant : 307 Central Avenue, Albany, NY12206, TEL (518)436-1868). I like this restaurant and went several times. Because I always order same noodle, today I ordered another meal; grilled chicken. As same as other meals, this meal is very delicious! Also, spring roll and summer roll are delicious. I really enjoyed today's lunch time and had a good time with my classmates.(April 20, 2007 )

Film Festival #3 (@ IELP)

Today and yesterday, we had a Film festival#3 in our class!
We watched "Million Dollar Baby". I was so impressed this movie. Even though I watched this movie last semester, I cried same scene. It is shown good relationship between Frankie and Maggie, and also shows many Irish cultures. I strongly recommend to watch this movie!(April 19, 2007 )

SASO's Japanese Noodle Restaurant

I ate dinner with my classmates. We went to "SASO's Japanese Noodle Restaurant"(218 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12206, TEL (518)436-7789), which is located near downtown campus of SUNY.
There were a lot of American customers. In the menu, we could see Sushi, Rice bowl(Rice with eel,Rice with chicken teriyaki etc.) and appetizer(Boiled green soybeans, Tofu, Tempura etc.).
We ate 3 rolls and 3 pieces of Sushi. Taste was really good but price was so expensive! We paid about $35!!! The cheapest combination of Sushi is $19 and most combination of Sushi are $23. This restaurant's cost performance is worse. (April 18, 2007 )


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