Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Potluck Party

My husband and I joined the Christmas potluck party today. This party was organised by JLCC(Japanese Language and Culture Club) members and I am one of the members. We brought meals and shared. I brought croquette and hamburger. I could eat many kinds of food such as Sushi, steam bun, fried noodle, stuffed turkey, apple pie....... I was so full and I took some food to my house. We did a quiz about Japan and talked about Japan and Albany. It had a great time! I really enjoyed this party.

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Fallon said...

Hey Mari! It was nice meeting you at the party today. I love reading your blog. You've been to so many places! You did great on that Japanese quiz that Yumi gave us. We almost won ^.^ Hope to see you soon!~Fallon