Friday, April 18, 2008

Tonight is Japan Night

I joined "Japan Night" organized by JSA(Japanese Student Association; I heard there will be Japanese food, so I went there before opened the door but there were many people. I was very surprised to see them. After opening the door, we could eat Japanese food but there were little; Sushi, Fried-noodle, Pan-fried pork and so on. After eating there food, performing was started. 1.Opening band(In this point, I was sooo regret to take my friends)→2.Kendo(It was not Kendo, it was comedy!)→3.Calligraphy(No comment)→4.Japanese Dance(It was great but I did not need to dance a waltz)→5.Karate(It was really good. The people who train in Karate-Dojo( )near SUNY demonstrated Karate.)→6.Japanese Pop Song(It was good,too.)→7.Fashion Show(It was best, I thing. "Otaku" was really impressed and I bursted into laughter!)→8.Stomp Dance(It was good)

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