Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Gathering

There was a Fall Gathering in my department. It was welcoming party for new graduate students. All graduate students, facilities and other staffs, also their friends and family were invited to this party. At first, this party was held at the courtyard in front of the building but today was rainy day, so we had a party inside the building. The room was little small and some people were in the hallway. I talked with new graduate students and have a many kinds of food, such as Pizza, Samosa, salad, Sushi, Fried fish and so on. Also, I ate fruits and cakes. I made small size Cheese cakes.
During the party, there was a raffle. Some people could got the prize; Towel, T-shirts, Mug, Coffee cup... Then I got !! I got USB memory(500Mb). I was soooo surprise!!

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