Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dinner Club in this month

Dinner club in this month is in "Sushi-tei(". I like this restaurant these days. I love deep fried pork and ate "Katsu ju(Deep fried pork with egg over the rice)". Most of the members ate Sushi and we ate dessert, too. There were 3 kinds of dessert; Ice creame, Ice cream Tempra and Sherbet. I ate Red bean Ice cream and it was so nice. I love it! I tried Ice cream Tempra which my friend was eating. taste is not good and not bad, but batter of the Tempra is little bit thick and it was difficult to eat. As for the dessert, I recommend to eat Red bean Ice Cream. After eating, we moved to Starbucks coffee at Stuyvsant Plaza and chatted until 10pm. I was so happy to meet Japanese friends and talked a lot.

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