Friday, October 3, 2008

Souvlaki Fest !

I went to "Souvlaki Fest" at St.Sophia Orthodox Church. I arrived that church around 5:30pm and there were many people here. At first, I bought "Gyro($7.00)", which is wrapped with grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes and minced onion. Then, I passed salad area and went to the dessert area. I bought "Cheese pie($3.25)"、"Assorted Greek Pastries ($5.00/ 1 small bag)"、"Vanilla cookies($5.00/ 1 bag)". I found "Loukoumades(Fried dough with honey, $5.00/ 1 big bag)", but it looked too much for me and I gave up to buy. I took all of them and ate at my apartment. Greek food are very similar to Turkish food and I realised I like Greek sweets!!

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