Thursday, June 18, 2009

Italian Deli

I love Deli because there are many kinds of foods which I cannot cook. Today on the way to my apartment, I went to "Via Fresca(". Here is one of my favorite deli. I bought "Seafood salad", "Italian bread", "Chicken cutlet" and "Fried rice ball with beef". Salad is mixed with octopus and squid marinated with lemon dressing. It is very refreshing taste. I bought it last time and I really like it. This shop also sells freeze food and sweets. Sweets are fascinated me so much.


Daphne Pu said...

Hi Mari
I am not sure do you still remember me that I left message couple months ago about I will be moving to this area. Now here I am in clifton park. Thanks again for your blog which saves me a lot of searching time to know where has good food and to go.

Mari said...

Hi Daphne,
Also, some people write a many kinds of shops' and restaurants' critics in their blog. Please check them out!

Albany Jane said...

I adore Via Fresca! They are so friendly and I highly enjoy all of their food. I think the seafood salad sounds great!