Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bella Napoli Bakery (Bread & Cake)

I went to buy some cakes at "Bella Napoli Bakery(". This shop sells many kinds of cakes and breads. I was so surprised! I did not decided which one I will buy. I roamed this side and the other side for several times. Finally, I bought dozen of dinner roll, an Italian cheese cake, 2 Eclairs and 1/2 pound of Chocolate cream puffs. All of them were only $9.00!! Also, this shop has counter seats inside and we can eat pizza and sandwiches. I will try next time. However, why I did not know such a good shop ???
Bella Napoli Bakery
Corners of Route 9 & 155
Latham, NY
TEL (888) 800-0103


Daniel B. said...

You should also try their donuts. Especially the cake ones. They are delicious.

But they are best when you go to the source, the other Bella Napoli in Troy.

A source told me that the donuts are made in Troy and brought over to Latham by truck.

Mari said...

Also, I saw many kinds of donuts. OK, I will try them in the source.