Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SASO's Japanese Noodle Restaurant

I ate dinner with my classmates. We went to "SASO's Japanese Noodle Restaurant"(218 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12206, TEL (518)436-7789), which is located near downtown campus of SUNY.
There were a lot of American customers. In the menu, we could see Sushi, Rice bowl(Rice with eel,Rice with chicken teriyaki etc.) and appetizer(Boiled green soybeans, Tofu, Tempura etc.).
We ate 3 rolls and 3 pieces of Sushi. Taste was really good but price was so expensive! We paid about $35!!! The cheapest combination of Sushi is $19 and most combination of Sushi are $23. This restaurant's cost performance is worse. (April 18, 2007 )

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