Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Troy Waterfron Farmers Market

My husband and I went to "Troy Waterfront Farmers Market(Troy Dock and Marina, River Street, Troy ;", which opens every Saturday. This market is a small but there were a lot of products, such as vegetables, breads and plants. Many people bought plants of vegetables and flowers. I bought some vegetables and breads. There were 3 or 4 bakery in this market and all of them looked delicious. I could not decided which breads I would buy. Location of Troy is near my house, so I will go again!(May 26, 2007)

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Claire Nolan said...

Hi Mari,
I really like your English Blog! I hope you wil visit some of the Albany Farmer's Markets. Thre is one coming to Albany on June 23. It is on Broadway,behind the Miss Albany Diner.
The Miss Albany Diner is a typical American Diner that is best on a Saturday or Sunday morning! Maybe you can go to the Diner and then to the Farmer's Market!
See you soon!