Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NYC 2nd Day

My husband started to work at AM 7:30 but I relaxed in our room until AM 10:00. Today, I went to MoMA(The Museum of Modern Art; http://www.moma.org/). I arrived there AM 10:30 and there was long line. I waited 15 minutes to enter the museum. Because I am SUNY student, I got free ticket! Lucky!!
The museum is soooooo large and there are many exhibits, such as paintings, sculpture and pictures. I was interested in architecture and design articles. Some ridiculous and strange chairs, desks and other products are displayed. I took about 2 hours to see all of them. Also, I took 30 minutes in museum store because there were many goods what I wanted to buy.
Next, I went to “BOOK-OFF (http://www.bookoff.co.jp/english/shops/kaigai02.html)” because I wanted to read Japanese novels and magazines. There were not only Japanese books, CDs and DVDs, but also English. After all, I bought 2 English books.

I decided to eat lunch at “Café ZAIYA”, which is Japanese bakery. My friend recommended me to eat bread and cakes whose taste is Japanese. But there are many customers in this shop and I did not wait for a long time, so I gave up eating there.
Then, I entered “Sugo! e Basilico(http://www.sugoebadilico.com/)” to eat lunch. I ate Wrap but its taste is not good and not bad. I have nothing to write about this shop.
After eating lunch, I felt little tired and returned to hotel and rested. Then, I went to “Amy’s Bred(http://www.amysbread.com/)”. This shop is famous for food bread and one of my friends recommended me to go. There are many kinds of bread and it was difficult to me to decide to buy but I bought 3 kinds of bread for tomorrow’s breakfast.
When my husband finished his work, we went to Japanese restaurant with some Japanese who work with my husband. The restaurant name is “Hatsuhana(http://www.hatsuhana.com/)". We paid $80 each but taste was soooo delicious, especially Sashimi (raw fish) is really good. I was so impressed them. I was very happy to eat good Japanese meals!!

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