Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NYC 1st Day

Because my husband had to join the conference in NYC, so I went there together. We left our apartment at AM9:30 and went to “MITSUWA(http://www.mitsuwanj.com/index.htm.com/index.htm)” in NJ. MITSUWA is Japanese supermarket which is the biggest one around NYC. There are many kinds of Japanese products but I can get most of them in Albany’s Korean or Chinese supermarkets. This time, our porpoise is to eat Ramen at food court and we ate. We were so satisfied and then went to NYC. We stayed in “The Roosevelt Hotel(http://www.theroosevelthotel.com/)” and that hotel’s room was smaller than I expected.
My husband had to join the party at PM6:00, so we had several hours to go around the city. We went to Japanese bookstore ”Kinokuniya(http://www.kinokuniya.com/)” and checked some books and magazines. After buying some books, we went to “St.Patrick’s Cathedral” and saw beautiful stained glass.

I had a plan to meet my friend at PM6:00 and went to Times Square. We went to the Italian restaurant “LAVAGNA(http://www.lavagnanyc.com/)” where she recommended me. This restaurant is small but atmosphere was so good and I enjoyed eating dinner very much. Especially, pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil was really delicious. After eating dinner, we went to the Crepe café “Cecel”. We ate double mango crepes. Taste was same as Japanese crepe but size was the smaller. Then, I dropped in Japanese supermarket and returned my hotel. We have not met for 2 months, so we had a lot of topics and talked a lot. I enjoyed very much.

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