Sunday, July 8, 2007


I joined camping as IELP activity from July 6th. to July 8th. We went to Dippikill, where SUNY has a summer house.
First day, we would leave at 2PM but my husband finished his work at 3PM, so we depart lately. We arrived the Lodge at 5PM. The lodge has one large room(for 10 people) and & small room es(for 2 people). The members of this camp are IELP students and SAI students( and their family, so there were over 30people. At 7PM, we ate dinner(Pasta, fruits, salad...). After becoming dark outside, we did campfire. We drank beer and baked marshmallow. I talked a lot and went to bed at 2AM.

Next day, after breakfast, we went to the pond near our lodge. I did not swim but some of us swam in the pond. I rode in canoe with my husband. It was so comfortable to ride on canoe and felt good wind. At lunch time, we returned to our lodge and ate sand witches. After lunch, we went to lake by car. It took about 30 minutes from our lodge. I forgot this lake's name but it was beautiful and I could see a beaver dam. It was so interesting for me. At dinner, we ate BBQ at backyard. And then, we did campfire but it started rain soon, so we returned to our lodge and talked in living room with drinking beer and wine.

Last day, we ate breakfast(Pancakes, fruits...) , packed our lug age and return home.
I had a first time to camp in the US and it was so fun. I thank to my teachers!

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