Sunday, August 5, 2007

Howe Caverns

My husband and I went to "Howe Caverns(", which we took about 1 hour driving from our apartment. We bought tickets($18 for Adult) and joined the tour. There are some tours in this cave ; traditional Cavern tour, Lantern tour and Adventure tour. We joined Tr additional Cavern tour. At first, we went down by the elevator and walk in the cave. A guide explained us about the cave. Inside the cave was so cold. We walked about 40 minutes and rode the boat. I felt mystery of the nature and was interested in some shape of rocks. After finishing this tour, we ate snacks and drank hot drink. Around this cave, there are large picnic area, horse riding Field and restaurant. I think small children will be fun in this area.

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Little K said...

My parents took us to Howe Caverns as kids. All I remember was that there was a lot of walking and no rollercoasters. They always tried to take us on 'educational' vacations rather than fun ones. Those never turned out as well as the tips to Disney.