Saturday, August 11, 2007


My husband and I want to "Benmarl Ainery(". It is in the Catskill area and "Sangria Festival" was held today. It took about one and half hour from our apartment. This winery is in the small hill and scenery is so beautiful. Entree fee was $15 each included wine tasting, food and sangria tasting. At first, we tasted wane. There were 18 kinds of wine; 8 red wine, 4 white wine and 7 sweet wine. We selected 6 kinds of wine and tasted them. I was so happy because I could dink good wine and saw a good view! After tasting wine, we ate food; paella, olive and soup with beans. Then we tasted 2 kinds of sangria; red sangria and white sangria. We had a good time to spend in this winery and bought 4 bottles of wine which we liked ('06 Zlnfandel $17.99、'04 Cabernet Fusion $16.99、'05 Muscat $17.99、 Sweet Sarah $29.99).

On the way to return home, we dropped in "Weed Orchards("
. "Sweet Corn Festival" was held in this farm. people can pick vegetables and fruits by themselves and pay depend on the weight. We can see the fields of tomatoes, egg plants, pumpkins, apples, peaches... My husband tasted a sweet corn and we tasted a peach. It was soooo sweet!! I hope I go there again.
Benmarl Ainery
156 Highland Avenue, Marlboro, NY 12542
TEL (845)236-4265
Weed Orchards
43 Mount Aion Road, Marlboro, NY 12542
TEL (845)236-2684

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