Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boston 1 Day Trip

I went to Boston with my friend yesterday(Sep. 29). We met at 7:30AM on uptown campus and went by bus. We arrived at Boston about 10AM.At first, we went to Harvard University( by subway. Compared with New York City's subway, Boston's subway is cleaner and comfortable and I like it! Harvard University has huge area and a lot of green. There were many people to see campus. We wanted to see a statue of "John Harvard" who founded this university. I heard the story which "touching his left foot makes us happy", so I touched his left foot. After walking the campus, we went to "COOP" and bought some goods.
On lunch time, we went to "Porter Exchange Mall", where is famous Japanese restaurant and Japanese supermarket. We ate Sushi( and it was so delicious, especially row fish was so tasty. After eating, we went to Japanese supermarket( and bought some Japanese groceries.

In afternoon, we went around "little Italy" and ate dessert at "Trani(".
First we selected our pastry(we selected eclair and cup cake), then they put ice cream in pastry and finished the process by topping with warm chocolate. they were really delicious!!!

After went around "Little Italy", we went to "Qunicy Market(" and bought some food for dinner. We bought Lobster's sandwich, boiled shrimp and clam chowder. We shared all of them and were full. We left Boston 7:30AM and arrived Albany about 10:30PM. I was soooo tired.

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