Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's dinner

Today, I had a "JLCC(Japanese Language and Culture Club)"meeting at 6:00PM. After that, I went to "SUSHI-TEI" with my friend. I went there once in lunch time but I had a first time to go dinner time. There were many customers in this restaurant. We ordered Sushi-combo. In Sushi-combo, there were 3 kinds of sushi rolls. My combo was California roll, tuna roll and yellow tail roll. My friend's combo was California roll, JA roll and ...(I forgot the name). I did not know what JS roll is and asked the staff. JA roll means Japanese American roll and this roll contains eel and cream cheese! Strange combination!!!I could not image the taste. After tasting this roll, I still could not express whether this roll is delicious or not!!

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