Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cafe 217 (Cafe)

My husband and I went to have light meal at "Cafe 217". In side the cafe, it was like French cafe and they served light meal, such as omelet, bagels and french toast. My husband ate "Today's special omelet" and I ate "Panettone french toast". Today's special omelet was omelet with mushroom and cheese. It looked very good and actually taste was good. Panettone french toast was really nice. It had orange flavor and made me happy with maple syrup. Most of the customers were young people, like collage students but not noisy in the cafe. One big problem is little far from my apartment !!
Cafe 217
12 Delaware Ave.,
Albany, NY 12210
TEL (518)462-0050
Mon.&Tue. Closed
Wed. 6AM-2PM
Thu.-Sun. 11PM-2PM

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Anonymous said...

this place is wonderful but you are a terrible writer