Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New York City One-Day Trip

My husband and I went to "Consulate-General of Japan" in New York City( because we had to update our passports. We left our apartment at 6:00AM and went to Harrison station by our car and we rode on a train from Harrison and New York City. We arrived there about 9:30AM. I had a first time to ride a train in the US. So, I was little exciting!
After arriving, we went to Consulate-General of Japan and received new passports. Next, our purpose was to see Christmas show in Radio City Music Hall.( I watched this show last year when I went to New York City for my school trip. It was impressed me a lot, so I wanted to see again. Same as last year, the show was really gorgeous and surprised me a lot. My husband and I enjoyed very much.
After we saw the show, we walked around the Radio City Music Hall to look for some Japanese restaurant. I found the "La Maison du Chocolat(" and bought some pieces of chocolate. Then, we dropped in "Gyu-kaku(". Gyu-kaku is one of the famous Japanese BBQ restaurants. When we lived in Japan, we went there a lot. We ate Lunch combo($20) and enjoyed eating very much.
After eating lunch, we went to grand central station and walked around the shopping mall and returned to Harrison by train. Because we got up very early today, we exhausted but were really fun; gorgeous show and delicious meals!!

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