Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant (Korean & Japanese Restaurant)

In recent days, morning and night temperature were under 0 ℃ and maximum temperature was under 5 ℃. My husband said "Shall we eat something hot in lunch time?", so we went to "Kabuki Japanese Restaurant" and ate Korean food. This restaurant is Japanese restaurant but Korean foods are really testy. One of my Korean friends recommended me. My husband ate "Spicy Korean soup noodle" and I ate "Beef and some vegetables on rice". Both of them were delicious and they made us hot! Korean food is good for winter time!
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
1707 Route 9, Clifton Park,
NY 12065
TEL (518)373-9609


Anonymous said...

Do you know where this restaurant moved to? I went there once and tried again recently but couldn't find it anymore.

Mari said...

I heard this restaurant moved to Latham end of last year. But I am not sure new address.

Josie said...

Hi Marie

I enjoy reading your food adventures!

I found the new location of this restaurant. It's at the Peter Harris Plaza in Latham (952 Troy-Schenectady Rd). Also in the same Plaza are 2 other food places, one is Afghan Grill and the other is Nothing But Noodles. Have not tried them though.

Mari said...

Thank you Josie,
I want to try Kabuki restaurant in the new location, and also I will try both of 2 other restaurants!

llcwine said...

Have you tried Kabuki in Latham yet? I drive past there every day, but since I wasn't impressed with the restaurant when they were in Clifton Park, I haven't tried them at this location either. I love korean food, tried it at Arirang, where it was good, TaKe used to be good, but has been miserable lately. I haven't been to Avenue A since they it's a bit of a distance.

Mari said...

Thanks, llcwine. I tried Kabuki, when it was in Clifton Park. It was better thean other Korean restaurant. I have not tried Arirang yet and I want to go there soon.