Sunday, January 27, 2008

CCK Restaurant (Chinese Restaurant)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at "CCK Restaurant". This restaurant serves Chinese food and Japanese food but in Japanese food there was only Sushi. I am not looking forward to having Sushi because this restaurant owner is Chinese. I heard this restaurant's roast pork and duck are really goof and wanted to try them. My husband ate noodle with roast duck and I ate stir-fry with chicken and nuts. Their roast duck was so good, and my husband and I really like it. My meal was also good. There were many kinds of vegetables in it. In the menu, most of the dishes are under $10.00 and there are many dishes. I believe I will go again!
CCK Restaurant
299 Central Avenue,
Albany, NY 12206
TEL (518)433-2658

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