Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fish Market

I found the fish market which name is "The Cousins(". Inside the shop, there are 2 spaces; fish market and deli. In the fish market, there were many kinds of fish; Tuna, Tilapia, Scrod, Red Snapper, Porgy, Sea Bass and so on. In the deli, we can eat fish fry and clam fry but on Sunday it is closed. I was so depressed and will go again on weekday. I bought robuster and Cherry stone clams. I cooked clam chowder and steam clam with alcohol. They were so tasty!
The Cousins
581 Livingston Avenue,
Albany, NY 12206
TEL (518)449-8830
Closed Monday
Tue.-Thur. 10-6
Fri.& Sat. 9-6
Sun. 10-3

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Anonymous said...

Today I returned foul smelling and obviously rotted shrimp to the latham store of two cousins. I bought two pounds for thanksgiving day appetizer and brought them to a very nice dinner I was invited to. When I returned the shrimp to the latham store, a crazy young woman ,obviously mentally unbalanced, verbally attacked me. She accused me of not properly refridgerating the shrimp and was so abusuve that I left the store without a refund. She screamed and screamed and blamed the rotten shrimp on me. It was one of the most amazing experiences as a customer that I have ever seen. I recently moved here from the Washington DC area and have never been treated like that as a customer.

I pray that other business's in the capital district do not treat their customers that way.