Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bread & Cake !

My friend sells a Japanese style bread and cakes every 2 weeks( in Albany area. Today is the day she sells. I bought "Vanilla Pudding ($1.25)", "Green Tea Roll Cake ($6.00)", "Bread with fried-noodle($1.75)" and "Rum raisin & Walnuts Table roll (5 in a pack, $4.00)". "Bread with fried-noodle" was really Japanese style and I impressed so much! These bread and cakes made me happy!!


capitol region restaurants said...

Hi, I know you wrote this quite a while ago, but can you tell me where your friend sells in their pastries in Albany? I would love to know.

Mari said...

Hi Michelle,
My friend does not have own shop. She sells her pastries once in a 2 weeks by orderig. Every area has each delivery point. In Albany area, delivery point is the parking lot of college of nanoscale sceince and engineering. You have to pick your pastries up in the delivery point.