Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chocolate Gecko (Chocolate)

I went to "Chocolate Gecko(". The inside of the shop is clean and gorgeous. There are many kinds of chocolate and it is difficult to decide which one I will buy. Most of the chocolates were made by the owner of this shop and she is really friendly. We can try some chocolates which we are interested in. I bought "Truffle box", "Dark chocolate raisins" and 4 different pieces. In the truffle box, there are 9 different truffles and we can enjoy different flavors. Dark chocolate raisins are raisin coated in dark chocolate. I love them. As for the 4 different pieces, frog shape one is papaya-lemon chili chocolate, mice shape is filled with mint truffle ganache. Pyramid shape is filled with caramel and butterfly shape is maple syrup caramel. I have not eaten all them yet but I ate some of them. These chocolates are very smooth and unique. I become big fun of this shop!
Chocolate Gecko
21 Colvin Avenue,
Albany, NY 12206
TEL (518)436-0866

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