Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rice Cake

Some of my friends and I did "Mochitsuki (" today. "Mochitsuki" is a traditional rice cake-pounding ceremony in New Years day in Japan. But it is rare to see this ceremony even if we are in Japan. One of our friends have tools of ceremony and we landed them. Children tried to make rice cake. After that, adults dipped these rice cakes with many kinds of flavors, such as red bean paste, soy flour with sugar, green soy bean paste and sesame with sugar. All of them were very tasty and children had a hearty appetite. Also, I ate too much.


Albany Jane said...

Yum! A mochi party sounds like so much fun! I just had a mango mochi the other day and it was filled with fresh mango pieces - definitely my favorite kind of mochi so far.

Mari said...

Hi Albany Jane,
I never eaten "mango mochi" but I have eaten "strawberry mochi" which contains strawberry+red bean paste inside the mochi. It was good and I like it. Someday, I want to try "mango mochi"!

Anonymous said...

This is Daphne Pu from New Jersey. My husband starts a new job at Amsterdan and we are planning to move somewhere around there soon.

It is a totally strange places to us but I am so glad that I found your blog which changed my impression of Albany and the places near it. The part I like a lot about your blog is you listed the details of the food and places you like so we can easily find them if we are interested.

Would it be ok that I ask you more about these places thru email or phone? Thanks.

Mari said...

You also have to check these 2 blogs. They have many imformation about Albany's restaurants,too.