Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Melting Pot (Fondue Restaurant)

"The Melting Pot(" is a Fondue Restaurant in Crossgates Mall. My husband and I went there on Saturday lunch. This restaurant opens dinner time from Monday to Friday, and lunch and dinner time on Saturday and Sunday. We ate "Entrees for Two($59.00)". We could select salad, entree and fondue. In salad, I ate "House" and my husband ate "Caesar". The dressing of house Salad was little sweet and the quality of vegetables were really good. In entree, we ordered "Coq au Vin", which is hot pot contained wine and spices. We boiled beef, chicken, salmon and so on. The taste of the soup were extremely good and it was amazing.
Last, we could choose "Chocolate Fondue" or "Cheese Fondue". We selected Chocolate one. We could dip bitter chocolate with strawberry, banana, marshmallow, cheese cake.... I was in a dream!! They all were delicious and I wanted eat more! Actually, price is high in this restaurant but they serve more than a price. I want to try another fondue!
The Melting Pot
1 Crossgates Mall Road,
Albany, NY 12203
TEL (518)862-1292

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