Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It made me hot

Because today was little bit cold, my husband and I went to have a lunch at "Arirang(1558 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205)". Here is a Korean restaurant. I ate "Bul go gi $12.99 (Stir fried marinated beef slices)" and my husband ate "Yuk gae jang $12.99 (Spicy beef and leek soup)". The beef of "Bul go gi" was sweet and spicy, and It become me appetizing. The taste of "Yuk gae jang" was very spicy and I could not eat more than several bites. But my husband really liked this taste and he finished eat all of them. It was amazing for me.


llcwine said...

I tried Kabuki in Latham last night. The korean food is the best in the area for the spice, but a bit pricey. The kimchi is excellent, we were a bit disappointed with the amounts of protein in the dishes. My husband's chap chae had only 2 or 3 small pieces of meat. My soup was firey, which I like and had a couple of mussels and some good squid. I will go back, and sample some more korean dishes as well as try their sushi.

Mari said...

Hi Ilcwine,
after they moved in Lathan, I have not gone Kabuki. I definitely go there soon.