Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lab Party

2 of the member of our lab will finish their course in this semester, so we had a party and celebrated them. The party was held in our adviser's house. Her house is brand new and really clean and beautiful. Also, her son is really cute!
This party is potluck, then we brought foods. I made "Quiche(spinach and bacon)" and "Tonkatsu(Deep fried pork)". I was little afraid because some of my American friends do not try food which they are not familiar. Then, I thought and selected deep fried pork. Many American members ate them and I am so happy. Other members brought dumpling, pan fried beef, chicken wing, salad,.... All of them are delicious and I ate a lot.
In the party, we could got the secret Santa present. I got fragrance set.
I ate good food, had a lively talking and got present. Today was so happy for me.

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