Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soup Mania

Before I came to the US, I did not have many chances to eat soup except Miso-soup. After coming the US, I became soup mania! I love soup and always looking for good one. Most of the time, I bought a cup of soup at "Au Bon Pain(" at SUNY's cafeteria. This shop's soup is tasty but little bit thin for me.
Another shop where I buy soup is "The Original Soup Man(" at Colonie center's food court. This shop's soup is thick. My favorite one is Italian sausage because there are many kinds of vegetables in it and it is spicy. I am still looking for good soup !

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llcwin said...

You should try and make can be easy, inexpensive and so warming. Last week I made a beef mushroom and barley soup that I had for lunch all last week...tomorrow, I'm making chili, not a soup per se, but oh...another warming bowl of goodness.