Monday, December 22, 2008

JLCC Meeting

I went to have a dinner at "Sushi-Tei(" with JLCC( members. There were 6 members(2 Americans and 4 Japanese) today. I ate "Gyu Yaki (Pan fried beef)". Before eating, I expected to like Sukiyaki taste but it was more sweet. Other members ate "Sushi regular", "Tempura Soba (Japanese noodle with Tempura)", "Chicken Katsu (Deep fried chicken)" and "Una-ju (Boiled eel with source based on soy-source)". All of them looked delicious, especially Chicken Katsu looked good! During dinner, we talked about ice storm which we had last week. It was terrible and some of the members had black out almost 6 days. I can not believe! Our winter has just started and we will have more snow in this winter....

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