Monday, February 16, 2009

Debbie's Kitchen (Cafe)

2 months ago, my friend gave me brownies and these brownies fascinated me a lot. So, I went to buy them at "Debbie's Kitchen". This cafe is near the Washington park and is small. But they sell many kinds of desserts, such as Cheesecake, carrot cake, pies and brownies. Also, we can eat sandwitches($6.75-$7.50), soup and salad in this cafe. Today, I bought 3 kinds of brownies and 1 chocolate cake. These brownies are plain one, coconuts one and nuts one. The texture of these brownies are very soft. When I put it into my mouth, the brownie melts and chocolate taste spreads into my mouth. I really love these brownies!
Debbie's Kitchen
456 Madison Avenue,
Albany, NY 12208
TEL (518)463-3829
Mon-Fri 10am-9pm
Sat 11am-6pm

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llcwine said...

Debbie is not only an amazing baker, but an amazing woman as well. Debbie created my wedding cake and folks still talk about how delicious it was...after 8.5 years....