Sunday, February 15, 2009

TEAVANA (Tea shop)

I found the new shop in Crossgates mall ( and went there. The new shop is tea shop "TEAVANA (". I love loose tea very much and always go to "The Good Leaf Tea Company" in Lark Street. But I want to know the new shop and compare these 2.
In the shop, there are many kinds of tea products, such as tea mugs, tea kettles and tea pots. Some of the tea cups are made in Japan and look beautiful. Teas are behind the counter and we can try to see and to snart them at the counter. Most of the teas are blended. If you want to enjoy standard tea, I do not recommend this shop. If you want to enjoy new blend tea, this shop is good for you. I tried some kind of blend teas. Then, I bought one, which is blended white tea with rooibos tea, and mixed with dried tropical fruits. I love fruity one and it smell good. The prices of teas in this shop is twice or third times expensive than "The Good Leaf Tea Company". Sorry, TEAVANA, I love Good Leaf better.
1 Crossgates mall Rd.,
Albany, NY 12203
TEL (518)218-0245

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