Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delmonico's italian Steakhouse (Italian Restaurant)

I went to have a dinner with my friends at "Delmonico's(". At the parking lot, there are so many cars and I could not any space and waited about 15minutes. Inside the restaurant was so clouded and little noisy. At first, we ate 2 kinds of appetizer. One of them was small steak which was cut small size. The sauce was garlic and soy sauce taste. Other was Italian chips with tomato sauce. I ate "Veal Parmigiana" as a main dish. It was Veal with cheese and tomato sauce. It was little heavy for me but veal was so soft and tasty. As a dessert, I ate "Tiramisu". It was delicious and good for black coffee. Finally, I was full and packed more than half my dish. I could not understand why so many people come to this restaurant even if the steak is good.
Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse
1553 Central Avenue,
Albany, NY 12205
TEL (518)456-5656

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