Saturday, June 21, 2008

Art the Lark

I went to see "Art on Lark(" at the Lark Street. Part of the street was temporarily closed to traffic. There were many stands, such as paintings, pictures, T-shirts, accessory and so on. I was so interested in them and walked around all stands.
Before watching many stands, I went to "Crisan" and bought an ice cream. There were about 8 kinds of flavers and I chose coconuts. It was only 1$/1 scoop and taste was so good. I want to try all of these flavers!
During watching the stands, I dropped to "The Good Leaf(". This shop is in "At the warehouse" but they opened new shop at Lark Street. New shop is not so big but looks very cozy. We can buy and eat snacks and tea there. I bought "Bubble tea ($3.49)". Today's bubble tea was based on almond milk tea and this was not sweet but very tasty. I do not like sweet tea, so I love it very much.

Finally, I went to "Crisan" again and bought some bakery. I bought "Croissant", "Fruit Tarte" and "Peach Tarte". In the "Fruit Tarte", full of custard cream and fruits were so fascinated to me and the tarte was crispy. I love this texture. As for the "Peach Tarte", I wanted to eat peach filling more because this filling was so delicious and I really like it! I am so satisfied with today's eating!

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