Thursday, June 26, 2008

SAKURA (Japanese Restaurant)

I went to have a dinner with JLCC members at SAKURA(". Our members were Japanese, Korean and American who are interested in Japan. We ate "Chirashi($15.95)","Tempura($15.95)", "Chicken Teriyaki($12.95)", "Sukiyaki" and so on. Most of Japanese meals are same as other Japanese restaurants but prices are little bit cheaper. I ate "Chirashi", a kind of Sushi. The raw fish on the rice were nice and especially salmon was really tasty. The amount of rice was too much for me and I could not eat all of them.
468 Troy Schenectady Road,
Latham, NY 12110
TEL (518)783-8188


Anonymous said...

Mari, what did you think of the place over all including the quality of the fish...etc....

Mari said...

As for the Sushi, I think it is better than other Japanese restaurants. Their raw fish were fresh and tasty. But other Japanese food, such as Sukiyaki, Udon and Tempura, were so-so or worse. Taste and texture were different from real Japanese food. I recommend eating only Sushi.