Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meeting tonight

Today I had a meeting of "The Capital District Gourmet Meetup( at COOP( Today's theme was "Cooking Creative 'No Refrigeration Needed' Summer Meals" and we were introduced several food which are good for picnic and hiking in summer time. We tried some cheese, olive, cracker, salad with quinoa and so on. I do not like some cereal which I tried, I really like the black olive spread.
After meeting, I wander in the COOP and bought some food. I found "Broccoli almond sesame noodles ($4.50/1 lb)" in deli. Also, I bought "Natural black olive spread ($8.49)" and "Macadamia Butter ($6.29)". "Broccoli almond sesame noodles" is a Soba(Japanese noodle) with broccoli, nut and sesame paste and it is not bad, but I put soy sauce in it and it became much better. As for the "Macadamia Butter", I found it for the first time. I always see peanut butter but I do not like it because it taste too rich for me. "Macadamia Butter" is little simply taste and I like it. I will try tomorrow morning.

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