Saturday, June 28, 2008

Miyako (Japanese Restaurant)

I went to have a dinner at "Miyako(" with my friends. This restaurant is the one I ate Japanese food for the first time in Albany. I was surprised not to write review of this restaurant. There are 3 tatami-rooms(Japanese style rooms) for 8 people. I like this type of room. In the menu, there are many appetizer like Japanese bar and we ate some of them (Yakitori, Agedashi-toufu and Kushiyaki). Also, I ate "vegetable & Chicken Tempura($12.95)". These tempura were really crispy and it looked very unusual for me. They looked Tempura but they were not real Tempura. I did not try Sushi today but last time I tried, the raw fish were so-so and taste was not good and not bad. Overall, this restaurant is average of Japanese restaurants in Albany, I think.

2027 Western Avenue, Albany,
NY 12203
TEL (518)452-1445


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Anonymous said...

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Albany Jane said...

I found Miyako's sushi to be so-so as well. I really wanted to like it, but overall, I just am not a fan of Miyako.

But what is the pink wrapper on the roll? It is very cute!

Mari said...

I could not found what this pink wrapper was. It dod not taste, and it was thinner than the laver. I had the first time to see and taste.