Saturday, June 7, 2008

BFS Again!

I went to BFS restaurant (" to eat lunch with my friends. This time, I tried special food of this restaurant for lunch. I ate "Egyptian Falafel Platter ($10.95)" and my friends ate "Turkish Dolmas Platter ($10.95)" and "Syrian Shawarma Platter ($10.95). Falafel in my dish is a kind of croquette made of dried beans and they were little spicy but it tasted good for me. Dolmas in my friend's is grape leaves filled with rice and spices. Shawarma in my other friend's is a blend of ground tender lamb and beef broiled. They looks like meatloaf. Most of the food are so interesting to me. I want to try others, too. Lunch plates which we ate today was not so big, but it made me full. So, I could not eat dessert and I bought 2 Baklava ($2.89 each).

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