Friday, August 29, 2008

Albaraki Ⅱ(Lebanese Restaurant)

I was attracted to Celina's Web site( and went to "Albaraki Ⅱ" in Lark Street. This shop is small and like fast-food restaurant. staffs are lively and one of the staff can speak Japanese a little. I was so surprised! Most of menus are wrap and I bought "Beef Shawarma" and "Baalawa". "Beef Shawarma" is a wrap with marinated beef strips and fresh vegetable. Wrap has 2 size; small ($4-$5)and large($6-$7). "Baalawa" is a kind of dessert and layers of filo. Main restaurant( of this shop is in Troy, I heard. I am so interested in this restaurant. I have to go and try some Lebanese foods.
Next, I went to Crisan to buy bread. Today, large cake was showed in this shop. It was so lovely. Inside the cake is artificial but surface of the cake is real cream and sugar. Especially, flowers were so beautiful.

Albaraki Ⅱ
185 Lark Street, Albany,
NY 12210
TEL (518)445-0445

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