Sunday, August 31, 2008

So-men Party

One of my friends invited me to have a "So-men(So-men are very thin, white Japanese noodle made of wheat flour) Party" in her garden. She have this party every summer and this summer is her 20th. party. I was so surprised. I asked some my Japanese, Taiwanese and American friends who are interested in this party.
Before join this party, I went to the farmers market in Trot and bought "Peach pie". I really like peach pie and tried it many shops. This shop's is better and filling are sour and sweet.
In the party, we experienced "Nagashi So-men". The noodle are placed in a along flume of bamboo across the length of her garden. The flume carries clear, cold water. As the So-men pass by, people pluck them out with their chopsticks and then dip them in a container of some seasoning. We are so exciting and it was so fun. I am Japanese but I have never done it before coming America because it is special event and we can only experience in summer festival or something like that. I was satisfied and enjoy eating and talking with other guests!

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