Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karavalli (Indian Restaurant)

My Indian friend recommended me to go to "Karavalli(" for long time ago... I went to there to have dinner with my husband today. We went around 6:00pm, then there were many people in this restaurant. We ate "Chickpea Salad", "Karavalli Meat Sampler" and "Chicken Ammwala". As for the "Chickpea salad", it was good but amount of it was big for us, then we took half of them to our apartment. "Karavalli meat sampler" was really nice. We could taste 4 of different kinds of meat menus and all of them were spicy and tasty!! I like them. "Chicken Ammwala" was the first meal that I had a strange feeling during eating. There were some Chicken which was marinated with mango and some spices. So, this curry's taste was mixed sweet with spicy. It was so interesting for me and love them. Also, my husband liked this taste. I want to try other menu in this restaurant. Furthermore, my friend recommended me to try lunch buffet on Saturday and Sunday. I will try!!
9-B Jonhsin Road, Latham NY
TEL (518)785-7600

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