Saturday, August 16, 2008

Community Fun Day 2

Today, I joined the Community Fun Day with our members of JLCC(
In the morning, I had to ware Yukata (Japanese traditional kimono made by cotton) but it was sooo difficult to ware by myself. It took over 30 minutes. Also, it was difficult to drive waring Yukata. I arrived the church almost 9:45am and some members have already prepared and decorated our booth. half of our booth was Anime area and rest of them were game and Origami (Paper holding) area. In Anime area, 3 of our members brought some magazines and comics, and showed animation with PC. In the game area, we presented the game with chopsticks. As for the Origami area, we made some model and presented them for the people who visited our booth. Also, we taught how to make them.
All food and drinks were free in this event and I got soda, hot dog, pop corn, shaved ice and so on. It was fun event and I enjoyed very much.

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