Saturday, August 2, 2008

Farmers Market

I went to farmers market at Troy( this morning. There were more kinds of fruits and vegetables than last month, I think. I bought some nectarine ($5.00/1 kg), cherry ($4.50/720g) and plum ($3.00/420g). Nectarine looks little young, so it is little firm and sour. Cherry is different kind of one that I bought before. It is smaller and its skin is soft. Taste is little sour. This plum is called "early plum" and size is smaller than the plum I saw before. The skin is hard but its taste is soooo sweet.
I love farmers market because I can see some interesting fruits and vegetable. I think I should go to another farmers market because I always go to Troy's. But this market is attractive to me, so I cannot help going there.

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